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2018 is the year of Q.

Work needs an upgrade...

There is no business without admin. Projects need to be planned, times need to be tracked, invoices must be billed, quotes and purchase orders need to be written, resources require planning, and so on. Of course, these processes are essential to smooth business operations. They are also expensive and almost never create value for a company. On a global scale, billions are spent on admin overheads. So – and this isn’t a new revelation – admin is a necessary evil. 

If we could build software to get rid of every process that doesn’t contribute to real value creation, we’d not only save our clients billions, we’d also help them focus on what makes them unique.

On top of that, we’d improve everyday work for our users.

...and so does software

Today’s business software does not deliver on its promise and potential. Small- and medium-sized companies in particular suffer from patchwork software landscapes delivered by tech startups following the ‘best-of-breed’ paradigm – and ignoring the reality that most businesses are not run by tech-savvy geeks able to connect a diverse range of apps with ease. 

This approach also prevents the proper use of modern, data-based approaches regarding automation and analytics. As each app only ‘sees’ an isolated part of any complex business process, true optimization remains elusive.

All of this needs to change if we seriously want to improve work – and we do.

Work needs a change

Meet the team

Established in 2012, we’re a dedicated team of 30 engineers, marketers, sales gurus, project managers, controllers and more, based in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany. We work hard to deliver the very best software experience to our users – and are not above having a little fun while doing so.

Join the family

If a very ambitious team in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe working on the revolution of work sounds right for you, we’re always looking for talented and motivated people in the following areas:

  • software engineering (.NET core, Angular, TypeScript, Kubernetes, microservice architecture);
  • marketing (content, performance, social, design, SEO);
  • sales & customer success;
  • finance & controlling.

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