Help your team be more successful

Q. combines tasks, projects, time tracking and billing, so that you can focus on reaching your goals.

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Project list in Q.


Make every project a success

Get the perfect overview of all your timelines, to-dos, due dates and responsibilities. Q. helps you to set up all the details automatically. 

Smart lists in Q.


Immediately find what's relevant to you

Create individual Smart Lists that update automatically whenever a task matches your filters. Share the most helpful smart lists with your team and make sure that everyone knows about current developments.


Learn from your success​

Create and share templates for common projects or lists to make sure that everyone shares your standards and doesn’t reinvent the wheel.

Q. even comes with a collection of useful task bundles you can use to jump-start your projects and achieve results faster than ever.

Predefined Task Bundles in Q.


However you like to organise your
to-dos, Q. has you covered

Use Q.'s kanban board view to easily drag & drop tasks between stages and get a project overview at a single glance. Perfect for project status meetings.
Group your tasks into flexible lists to see progress in different areas of your project. Handy for setting up your projects.
Collaborate with teammates by sharing comments, files and activities. Organise tasks in lists or by tags to never loose focus of the important things.
Find and track tasks that are important to you - across all projects. Create Smart Task Lists in Q. and share these with your team so everyone is on the same page.


Track your work with artificial intelligence

Q. learns your work habits and recommends times to track based on your schedule. Whether you’re more of a stopwatch type or prefer to record your work at the end of the week, Q. has you covered!

time tracking in Q.
Integrations to Q.


Q. works with the apps you already use

Use our Zapier integration to connect Q. to over 1,000 apps and bring all your team’s information together in one place.

If your team uses Slack, you can connect Q. directly and keep your project communication in sync. You can even log times and tell Q. to create tasks – directly from your Slack channel.


Keep sensitive information private

Create roles, including for your projects, and easily decide who has access to your most valuable information. Collaborate with different customers, partners and freelancers – directly in Q.


Get a quick overview

Watch Q. give a short introduction to its most important features, interfaces and workflows. Be sure to check out Q.’s blog for even more videos and introductions.

Give Q. a try

Free forever, no credit card required, no strings attached.

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Every contact ready in Q.


Have every contact to hand

Customers, freelancers, partners, vendors – all integrated within your projects so you know exactly who is involved. Track which customers are the most important for your business and what projects your freelancers are involved in – including their complete contact info.

BILLING (coming soon!)

Turn your projects into revenue

Create beautiful invoices with your own corporate design within seconds. It doesn’t make a difference whether your bills are based on times you tracked, created according fixed prices or managed flexibly – Q. gives you a complete picture of your financial project performance so you know exactly how much budget is left.

Invoicing in Q.

Get Started for Free

Q. is easy enough to get going in minutes – yet so powerful, you can manage your entire process even when things get more complicated.​

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