Track your time with AI

Waste less time tracking time. Let Q. do it for you and get live budget updates.

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How Q. helps you with your time tracking

Automated time and progress tracking saves time and headaches.

Fast time tracking

Automated time tracking saves you time and is more accurate.

Powerful Reports

Create powerful reports on user-, project-, company- and type-level.

Use AI to track your times

Let Q. track your times based on your calendar's appointments, your to-dos and available project budgets.

Billable or unbillable

Differentiate between billable and unbillable hours to simplify your invoicing.

Drag & Drop

Track your times for a day or even a whole week with just a few clicks.

Calendar integration

Connect Q. to Google, Apple or Microsoft calendars and convert appointments to times with only a click.


Track your times automatically and create powerful reports

Complete your week's time tracking with drag & drop in just a few minutes.
Q.'s smart recommendations make tracking your day's work easier and faster than ever. Track with drag & drop, stopwatch or by simply accepting a recommendation.
See all the tracked times of your team in a monthly overview - ordered by users, projects, companies or types.
Connect your Google, Apple or Microsoft calendars to Q. to convert your appointments into time entries with a single click.

How Q. is different

There are lots of task- and project management apps out there. Here’s how Q. is making a difference.

Connect your calendar

Q. supports Google Calendar, Apple iCloud and Microsoft Office calendars. Simply connect your account and Q. will display your appointments for one-click time tracking based on your schedule.

Work in a seamless process

Q. joins project management, time tracking and invoicing into one simple to use tool so you don’t have to worry about merging data and switching apps.

A complete project process in Q.
time tracking in Q.

Track your work wherever you are

Q.’s mobile interfaces let you work on any device and synchronize everything you do.

Work smarter

Q. learns about the way you work and automatically notifies you of critical developments, overdue tasks or missing time tracking.

Work smarter with Q.

Get Started for Free

Q. is easy enough to get going in minutes – yet so powerful, you can manage your entire process even when things get more complicated.​

I accept the terms & conditions.
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