Create a culture of getting things done

Provide your teams with the tools necessary to be productive and achieve their goals.

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Organise your team with Q.

Clear goals, responsibilities and next steps for all internal and customer projects.

smartness in Q.

Manage internal projects

Product launch, new website, performance evaluation, strategy - Q. helps you organise the entire company.

smart lists in Q.

Create smart lists

Let Q. keep you up to date on overdue tasks, priorities or any other criteria important to you.

tasks in Q.

Track tasks

Create private or shared tasks and track every piece of the puzzle.

task bundles in Q.

Reuse a working process

Turn successful projects into templates your entire team can use. Standardise processes that are important to your company.

Time Tracking in Q is AI based

Time well spent

Waste less time tracking time. Let Q. do it for you, get live budget updates and know exactly where your team spent time.

collaboration in Q.


Integrate your team's communication and clearly document decisions and action items.


Set company wide standards with Q.'s individual stages and workflows

Organise every project with Q.'s kanban boards. Define your own columns to adapt to different project settings.
Group tasks from different teams in lists to group them by type (for example all marketing related tasks in the company).
Know exactly where your team spent the most time and prioritise accordingly.

Common use cases

Everything from HQ to marketing and product can be organised with Q.

Team wide time tracking

Q.’s smart tracking features are so fast, your team will actually like tracking times on their tasks and projects.

Managing budgets in Q.
Tracking bugs and issues with Q.

Product development

Track your roadmap’s progress, organise features into lists and track times on tasks and tickets automatically.

1-on-1 meetings

Group meeting agendas into topics, document discussions, action items and next steps.

Activity logs for startups
Task List available on any devices like iPhone

Marketing campaigns

Include designers, freelancers, marketing agencies and your own team. Keep track of every detail and make your campaign a success.

Tracking sales deals

Group deals into pipelines and track their progress on boards.

Project templates in Q.

Customer projects

Deliver progress reports and time sheets on the click of a button, manage customer accounts and vendor contacts.