Simplify your project planning and tracking

Let Q. improve your resource schedule and do the time tracking for you.

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Q. helps consultants to deliver results

All relevant project and contact information in one convenient place – wherever you are.

Q. is customizable as you like to work individually

Standardise planning​

Predefined task bundles let you set up projects in minutes.

Time Tracking in Q is AI based

Fast time tracking

Automated time and progress tracking saves time and headaches.

sharing in Q.

Client collaboration

Involve the team and clearly document decisions directly inside Q.

reports in Q.

Powerful reports

Deliver project status reports on cue and be ready for any steering meeting.

collaboration in Q.

Changing teams

Manage permissions and staff in changing teams with both internal and client ressources.

invoicing in Q.

Easy invoicing

Bill your clients without any additional admin involved - including individual rates.


Organise and track your projects without hassle

Use beatuiful kanban boards to keep track of your tasks' progress and clearly communicate responsibilities.
Simply drag and drop your times in Q.'s week view. Integrate your calendar to let Q. suggest client appointments and travel time automatically.
Track billable hours and your team's productivity with Q.'s beautiful reports. Use your tracked hours to bill more accurately than ever before.
Communicate wit your teammates and clients, discuss and document decisions. Use Q.'s slack and Zapier integrations to connect with the apps you already use.
With smart lists, Q. keeps you up to date on due dates, next steps and responsibilities for all of your projects. Filter your tasks by type, tag, project, responsible, due date - whatever is important to you.

How consultants work with Q.

While every client is different and every mandate is unique, a reliable internal project process helps you deliver results on point.

Keep project deliverables up to date

Use flexible boards to clearly communicate next steps and responsibilities. Work from the office or on your mobile device.

kanban project progress cross-device
Time Tracking element weekly

Track times faster than ever before

Book times based on your calendar’s appointments, your to-dos and available project budgets. Use Q.’s drag and drop tracking to book your whole week.

Generate reports on cue

Report on project progress, remaining budget and available resources at the click of a button.

Time Tracking report on a laptop
Quickly estimate project requirements

Quickly estimate resource requirements

Be ready to deliver project budgets and timelines in minutes with Q.’s reusable task bundles.