Keep track of every detail

Plan events at every scale using Q. and you'll never miss a due date.

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Event management features

Q. helps you find the perfect combination of standardised templates for recurring tasks and live progress tracking of your event.

task bundles in Q.

Predefined task bundles

Turn complete events or just a particular attraction into reusable task bundles so they'll become part of your standard.

smart lists in Q.

Smart lists

Let Q. keep you up to date on every overdue task, critical priority or notoriously forgetful vendor.

collaboration in Q.


Communicate with - and to - the entire team on important developments and changes prior to and during the big day(s).

sharing in Q.

Partners and vendors

Manage every vendor and partner to have their contact info ready whenever you need to reach them.

Time Tracking in Q is AI based

Automatic tracking

Let everyone - including your event staff - track their times and get a live overview of your available budget.

tasks in Q.


Create private or shared tasks and track every piece of the puzzle. Organise in lists to keep your events tidy.


Plan events and track your work - and that of your freelancers

Get a quick overview of your events status with Q.'s flexible kanban boards.
Immediately see how much time your team spent per event or per client. This also includes any external freelancers or vendors.
Q.'s lists keep your events structured and organised.

How event managers work with Q.

Standardise workflows and take your to-dos wherever you need to go. Q. makes managing your events easier than ever before.

Keep track of the mission critical tasks

Define your own Smart Lists across all projects and identify deadlines and priorities at a glance. Share your Smart Lists with the team to make sure everyone is up to date.

Smart lists in Q.
Q. is available on any device

Work on-site during the event

Desktop, tablet, mobile – wherever you are, Q. is designed to work beautifully anywhere and on any device.

Create standard events with just a click

Q.’s custom task bundles let you predefine tasks and lists from your most successful events.

Task Bundle Preview Events Element
time tracking in Q.

Track times from any device

Even freelancers and suppliers can book their times from their mobile devices. Q. aggregates them in beautiful reports.