Let Q. take care of your admin

Being a freelancer is all about the freedom to do the work you love. Someone else should take care of the rest.

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Make sure your admin is as professional as the services you deliver

Q. empowers your entire freelance process from managing client’s data to tracking your times. And you can get started for free!

Tasks and projects in Q.

Plan your to-dos

Q.'s fast and powerful task management keeps everything organised.

Organise by Project

Use flexible kanban boards to organise your work and keep track of next steps.

Time tracking in Q.

Track times automatically

Let Q. track your projects while you work and create time sheets with ease.

Work remotely

Q. is available wherever you are and works perfectly on your mobile devices.


Involve virtual teams or clients in your projects.

Invoicing in Q.


Write professional invoices based on your current rates and hours.
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Start for free

Start in Q.'s free plan and upgrade whenever you need more power.


Q. helps you organise your work and track progress for your clients

Organise everything you do into projects and lists - both client specific and personal tasks.
Use Q. to track everything you do. With calendar integration and Q.'s smart suggestions, you'll actually love tracking your work.
Include your clients and partners in your projects and share Q.'s kanban boards.

Never worry about the essentials again

Use Q. to manage your entire project flow. Our Free plan is designed to cover most freelance needs.

Activity logs in Q.

Communicate with everyone

Organise shorter feedback loops and make sure that everyone is up-to-date. Integrate with slack to get notified of every important update.

Take your work around the world

Q. is designed to work on any device – wherever you are. Work remotely on your tablet or phone or use the large screen you have at home or at the office.

Task List available on any devices like iPhone
Managing budgets in Q.

Track your progress

With Q.’s smart time tracking, you’ll know exactly what’s done and how much time it took. That way you can report and negotiate with confidence.

Get Started for Free

Q. is easy enough to get going in minutes – yet so powerful, you can manage your entire process even when things get more complicated.​

I accept the terms & conditions.
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