Support your projects perfectly

Use Q. to provide clear processes, templates and methods to a diverse set of teams.

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How Q. supports your PMO

Q. lets you set up central templates and processes. Because it’s so easy to set up, your teams will require less training and be more productive.

Correct project types for every occasion

Same, same - but different

Use project types to enable teams with different processes to work together in Q. and use the same successful methods.

smart lists in Q.

Updates across the portfolio

With smart lists, Q. keeps you up to date on due dates, next steps and responsibilities for all of your projects.

Documented decisions across your team due to permissions in Q.

Specific access

Role-based permissions make sure that everybody has access to their projects and sensitive information stays private.

task bundles in Q.

Learn from your success

Turn successful projects into predefined task bundles your entire organisation can use.

Q. is customizable as you like to work individually

Your process

Define individual gates and stages for your projects according to internal regulations or best-practice.

reports in Q.

Report on your progress

Use kanban boards and lists to report task progress and track times easily across different teams.


Filter through the noise in multi-project scenarios with Q.'s smartes features

Create Smart Lists across your entire project portfolio to focus on the tasks that are important to you.
Q.'s task lists help to keep things organised in complex multi-project scenarios.
Get cross-project reports for your teams, their times and progress.

How PMOs work with Q.

Supporting multiple parts of the organisation with central tools and methods can be a challenge. This is how Q. can help.

Activity logs in Q.

Communicate with everyone

Connect cross-functional project teams and document important decisions in Q. so everyone is up-to-date on the current status.

Provide structure to project teams

Project stages, predefined task bundles, standard reports – all easily distributed across the organisation.

Q. is available on any device
Smart lists in Q.

Create global status reports

Use Q.’s project dashboards and smart lists to make sure everyone talks about the same project status.

Get Started for Free

Q. is easy enough to get going in minutes – yet so powerful, you can manage your entire process even when things get more complicated.​

I accept the terms & conditions.
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