Coordinate research projects with Q.

Communicate effortlessly with co-authors all over the world and keep track of your submissions and to-dos.

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Project management for researchers

Keep track of both academic and non-academic projects and keep the focus on the research, not the coordination calls.

smartness in Q.


Create individual projects for your research and invite only the people you work with.

task bundles in Q.

Task bundles

Get started with your favourite outline for experiments, concepts or literature reviews.

smart lists in Q.

Smart lists

Keep your paper's chapters organised in lists and always know the next step.

sharing in Q.


Communicate with co-authors on issues and clearly document your decisions.

How researchers work with Q.

Academic and non-academic research projects require clear communication and flexible team organisation.

Clear communication and flexible team organisation

Communicate around the world

Create a shared platform across universities, institutes and industry partners to exchange ideas, feedback drafts and document decisions.

Keep track of submission deadlines

Set due dates for important events and create smart lists to let Q. remind you automatically.

Smart lists in Q.

Group your projects

Academic research, industry projects, educational work – they all need different processes. Use project types to tell them apart.