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When you have to make everything happen at once, Q. helps you to keep track of your startup's projects and grows with you.

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Your startup's progress board

Q. is the best way to plan and track your startup’s development from day 1 to revenue development.

smartness in Q.


Create projects for different purposes like product, marketing, sales, HR, finance and keep them all in sync.

tasks in Q.


Track anything from bugs to marketing campaigns and always know who is responsible for the next step.

smart lists in Q.

Smart lists

Let Q. keep you up to date on overdue tasks, priorities or any other criteria important to you.

contact lists in Q.

Customers and contacts

Manage your startup's growing contact pool and keep track of customer projects, vendors and VCs.

sharing in Q.


You take decisions literally every day. Document discussions and developments right where they matter most.

task bundles in Q.

Reusable task bundles

Turn successful projects into templates your entire team can use and start standardising as early as possible.

Time Tracking in Q is AI based

Automatic tracking

Where did you invest you time? And how long did your freelancer take? Find out with Q.'s automatic tracking.

integrations with other tools in Q.


Get project updates in your team's slack channel or use zapier to integrate Q. with 1000+ other apps.

Q. is customizable as you like to work individually


Get that post-it board into the web and always be clear about your current developments.


Managing a complex startup all at once can be challenging - Q. helps to keep it all in sync

Keep track of your startups roadmap with Q.'s flexible kanban style boards. Drag and drop tasks, assign clear responsibilities and get things done faster.
Group your roadmaps into flexible lists, e.g. by function (marketing, product...) or by feature (frontend, database...) and set priorities for critical tasks.
Communicate with your team using comments, share files and assign tasks based on tags or lists.

This is what startups do with Q.

Every newly founded team needs to establish a lean process for getting things done. Q. helps you doing that in minutes.

Product development planning in Q.

Plan product development

Track your roadmap’s progress, organise features into lists and track times on tasks and tickets automatically.

Track bugs and issues

Automatically create tasks in Q. based on bug reports. Document changes, decisions and files.

Tracking bugs and issues with Q.
Activity logs for startups

Manage hiring and onboarding

Keep track of candidates, appointments and interviews as well as your new recruits’ progress on the team.

Plan funding rounds

Keep track of your deck’s development, VC appointments and due diligence to-dos.

Task list on an iPhone in Q.